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 Operation System Rotary Round Action
Caliber .410ga O/U Shotgun + .410/.308 WIN O/U Rifle Combination
Chamber 76 mm / 3”
Receiver 4140 Steel,(Solid/Drilled Material Processing)
Barrel 4140 Steel,(Solid/Drilled Material Processing)
Length of Barrel 24”/28”
Buttstock Graded Turkish Walnut/Laminated
Coating Chrome, Nickel, Cerakote, Camouflage
Capacity 2
 Choke Options Mobile Choke Set
Weight 3 pounds
 Overall Length 40,31”

The sharp edges of the flat-sided action bar are sculpted with a gentle radius that blends smoothly into the similarly rounded grip and forend. The upshot is a graceful-looking gun that rides more comfortably in the hand when carried at its balance point.

I keep calling this a gun instead of rifle because it’s both. And more. ERMOX can build it as an over-and under rifle, as a shotgun or as a combination. The rifle can house any rimmed centerfire up to 450 Nitro Express or any rimfire.

Given the perfectly cylindrical, unencumbered receiver on this unique gun, “turned out” is exactly the right phrase describing how it is made. It’s turned elegantly on a lathe with no protruding handles, knobs, levers or switches. It’s the gun world’s ultimate example of form following function. But “turned” also describes its function.

To open the action and expose the chambers for loading, twist the barrels a quarter-turn right. This disengages the two massive locking lugs. Push forward about an inch to expose the hinge plate. The barrels now hinge down at about a 45-degree angle. Drop in two cartridges, raise the barrel, push together and turn to the left. Done!

4140 Steel, (Solid/Drilled Material Processing) Receiver,
4140 Steel,(Solid/Drilled Material Processing) 24”/28” Barrel,
Exact Grade 3 Turkish Walnut Stock,
Ultralight! Only 3 Pounds,
Unique and Patented!

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