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Traditional break- action doubles pivot around a hinge pin below the axis of the bores. Upon firing, expanding gases create the well-known Newtonian reaction to the action. The barrels leap forward, away from the face of the breech, but their linear motion is interrupted by the under-lug, which pivots around the hinge pin. Breech and barrels spring apart ever so slightly. Internally, the action is equally simple and nearly foolproof. The tiny firing pins are driven by strikers powered by coil springs, and all pieces are in a straight line behind the bores. You can dry-fire the gun as often as you want with no ill effects. The safety directly engages the strikers, holding them back regardless of what the triggers do. Sear and striker engagement provide so much mechanical advantage that the double triggers can be set to break crisply with minimal pull weight. I can vouch for that. Unloading the gun after filing is dead simple. Merely rotate the barrels again, pull the receiver back one inch to expose the hinge pin and tip the gun upside down while hinging it open. Massive extractors engage half of each cartridge’s rim to push them far out of the chambers, at which point gravity pulls them away. Turn the gun upright, drop in two fresh rounds, push the receiver and barrel together, turn it a quarter-turn left, and you’re ready to shoot again.

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