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X-LINE Series
ERMOX is a company of avid shotgunners who never stop thinking about new and innovative ways to make our products even better. The sporting version of the X-LINE perfectly embodies this “SPECIAL.” Using the popular field model as a basis, we refined the recoil absorbing cheek-comb pad, raised the wide sporting rib, and outfitted the barrel with porting to get your second shot on target quickly. Available in 12-, 20- and 28-gauge models, it cycles even the lightest target loads (e.g., 7/8 oz. in 12-gauge). Light, nimble, and ruggedly built, ERMOX X LINE/SPECIAL is the workhorse of the ERMOX semi-automatic line. Designed around the ultrareliable Inertia Driven® System, this shotgun will digest anything from 2¾” target loads to the heaviest 3″ magnums. The adjustable comb can be moved horizontally ¼ inch from the center line of the stock in either a left or right direction. The comb can be adjusted vertically upward ½ inch by using washers that slide over the post. These comb adjustments insure that the shooters eye is in alignment with the center line of the rib SERIES LINE LINE SPECIAL Experience the performance, quality, features and value that set our X-LINE shotguns above all others in their class. Enjoy the fit and feel offered by their sleek profiles, slim forends and integrated ergonomics to produce superior pointability. The barrels have weather resistant Cerakote finish, Precision Cone Patterning for improved shot patterns, and upgraded fiber-optic sights to get you on target fast in most lighting conditions. Stocks are adjustable for drop and cast to ensure a great fit. TSA recoil pads dramatically reduce felt recoil, even when using magnum loads. Wide loading ports, along with large bolt releases and oversized bolt handles will be appreciated by hunters wearing gloves in cold or inclement weather. Take your shooting to the next level.

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