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About Us

ERMOX Defense and Firearms Industry Import Export Trade Ltd. Co. was established in 1995 and from that date, having Facility Clearance License and Manufacturing Permits from the Ministry of Defense, keeps designing, manufacturing and delivering top quality products to five countries each and every day. All our products comply with international standarts and regulations.

With its firm quality and reliability standarts, Ermox takes steps toward becoming a World Brand, feeding its roots from Huglu’s archaic manufacturing experince which goes 100 years back to Ww1.

Thus, for us, craftsmanship is not a single expression of skill. We have a promise to the World with a young and dynamic structure, very strong cutting-edge production infrastructure inheriting 100 years experience and knowledge.

At Ermox, we are focused on building dependable firearms that each of our customers can enjoy for a lifetime.

ERMOX runs its production operations using advanced technological machinery along with an innovative RD team designing each and every product capable of successfully passing a series of stringent tests till the extreme accuracy.

Products and Solutions for Defense, Aerospace and Security:
ERMOX has a wide range of selection consisting of tactical rifes, shotguns and pistols along with AR Platforms, magazines for shotguns and pistols, and accessories.

In each and every firearm, 4140 Steel and 7075 Aluminum Solid Materials are drilled/processed, along with the parts in the mechanisms. All types of coating and original camouflage options are applicable on all the models.

ERMOX exports its products to countries like Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, Poland and the USA. ERMOX aims to quickly launch new products it develops with its cutting-edge production infrastructure and then claim a larger market share abroad with these products. Thus, the company is about to launch .308 caliber rie into the market. It is an invention via an interchangeable barrel, turns into .410 O/U shotgun. The shift in between can be done in seconds The working principle and mechanism is unique and patented for Ermox. The company has also launched its latest pistol series.

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